Connect directly to your legislators in minutes. Help us track which legislators are getting the word.

VOCUS is a user-friendly grassroots tool that lets you quickly and easily communicate your message on timely topics to your legislators and regulators. It can also be used to conveniently look up legislators, regulators, and media contacts.

Here’s how VOCUS typically works: from time to time you’ll receive a Call to Action request from the Association asking you, your staff, and your volunteers to respond to an important legislative or regulatory issue. A link to VOCUS will help you do so. By clicking on the link and logging in, you’ll be provided with information on officials that represent you. You’ll then be able to act on a Call to Action, choose and personalize arguments from a list, and create an email to the appropriate legislator(s).

With very little effort, VOCUS gives you the opportunity to have your voice heard!

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