Korean Credit Union Slideshow

NWCUA’s Dan Hein Visits Korean Credit Union Headquarters

Dan Hein, former vice president of finance for the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA), spent a day in August 2013 meeting with representatives of the National Credit Union Federation of Korea (NACUFOK), the hub of the Korean credit union system. Hein, who was visiting Korea with his family, said the visit was essentially a first step, an opportunity to develop a friendship between NACUFOK and the NWCUA and to share knowledge about each of the organizations. Below is a slideshow of pictures taken during his visit. Click here to read the Anthem article about Hein's trip.

NACUFOK headquarters in Daejon (darker building).

Chairman & President Tae-Jong Zhang and Dan Hein in front of the Mission Statement.

Chairman & President Tae-Jong Zhang and Dan Hein having coffee.

Chairman & President Tae-Jong Zhang opening his gift from NWCUA.

Chairman & President Tae-Jong Zhang and Dan Hein doing a gift exchange.

NACUFOK Mission Statement

IT Control

IT Control

IT Server Room

Server room status and monitor and server mapping.

IT support que and a map of Korea with IT status.

IT Server Room

Dan Hein walking through a peaceful pond.

A sitting area near the pond.

Interpreter and guide at the park.

NACUFOK insurance business offices.

Sister Mary Gabriella, the founder of Korean credit unions.

Training Center

Dining Facility

Indoor Auditorium

Outdoor State Seating

Dormatory Room

Outdoor Stage

Training Center Annual Schedule

Internet room for students at the training center.

Training Center Conference Room

Training Center Soccer Field

Training Room

In the museum.

In the museum.

In the museum.

In the museum.

In the museum.

Food jars prepared by NACUFOK staff.

Resource Center

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