The Business Lending School 2013

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The Business Lending School 2013

Date: Feb 24, 2013 • 04:00 PM - Aug 15, 2013 05:00 PM

Location: NWCUA Training Center, Federal Way, WA

Price: $6,550

Program Description

The Business Lending School 2013

The Business Lending School’s comprehensive, interactive and integrated training curriculum will give your lenders the background, skills and confidence they need to successfully serve their members.

Our school’s trainers have trained more than 25,000 individuals from more than 300 financial institutions. The curriculum is the result of more than 25 years of experience working with financial institutions and thousands of small businesses.

The curriculum covers a wide range of financial topics including business financial accounting principles, financial statement analysis, risk assessment, financial projections, credit memorandums, business valuations, business models and more.

Each multi-day course in the curriculum thoroughly demonstrates the concepts being taught and gives students multiple opportunities to practice their skills through homework assignments, in-class exercises, role-play, case studies and simulations.

Lending School participants are immersed in the curriculum for five weeklong sessions. Away from the distractions and obligations of daily life, students are continually challenged by daily quizzes, weekly exams and regular homework assignments to ensure they are mastering the skills and techniques being taught. Students sit for a 4-6 hour comprehensive final exam at the completion of the curriculum.

The Business Lending School Includes:

  • Twenty-eight days of in-class training featuring an extensive training curriculum divided into five one-week sessions and three final days of review and testing.
  • An innovative Mentor Program that partners each student with a senior team member from their credit union for the duration of the Lending School.
  • Support from top-tier instructors for individual assistance or additional insights.
  • Daily quizzes, weekly exams and regular homework that reinforce the information covered in classroom.
  • Additional assignments and case studies to be completed between class sessions.
  • The school session is limited to 35 participants to increase participation and ensure that every student has ample opportunity to learn—and practice—the principles being taught. Classes are conducted in an informal, interactive environment.

Visit The Business Lending School's Website to learn more.


James R. Devine CEO, Hipereon, Inc.

Jim Devine is a founder and Chairman and CEO of Hipereon, Inc. He has trained thousands of lenders, bank and credit union state and federal regulators, business owners and accountants throughout the U.S. and abroad. For more than 25 years, Mr. Devine has been active in managing, financing, and buying and selling closely held businesses. He has been a faculty member of the National Graduate Trust School at Northwestern University, the Graduate Banking School at the University of Wisconsin and the Stonier Graduate School of Banking at Georgetown University and the University of Pennsylvania.
Devine co-authored “Understanding Your Small Business Customer” and has facilitated national small business round tables on managing business banking practices. Devine holds a MBA from Southern Illinois University and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, a national scholastic honorary society for business school graduates.

Robert J. Hogan President, Hipereon, Inc.

Bob Hogan is a founder and President/Chief Operating Officer of Hipereon, Inc. He has trained and consulted with bankers, business owners, regulators, and accountants throughout Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, and the U.S on commercial credit issues and a wide range of financial management topics as they relate to small business management. With over 25 years of banking and business management experience, he has co-authored two books on small business management, and wrote the “ABCs of Distributor Finance,” for ExxonMobil’s distributor network.

Hogan is the co-developer of the curriculum and a lead faculty chair for the California Banker’s Association 6-week Commercial Lending School, the Oregon Banker’s Association 2-week Commercial Lending Institute and CUES 3-week School of Business Lending. He is also a faculty member of the University of Pittsburgh executive MBA program Entrepreneurial Institute. He holds an MBA from Southern Illinois University and is a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.

Hogan has been a keynote speaker at numerous industry trade shows, conventions and CPA association meetings. He has developed commercial credit analysis/financial management training materials for USAID, national corporations, trade associations, financial institutions, regulatory bodies and credit unions across the United States.


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